Follow Your Passion – Why It’s Easier Than You Think

I just finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it…I couldn’t put it down and subsequently neglected all household and motherly duties.

Good news…the kids managed and the house is still standing so that’s all really great. And to be honest, it’s not the first time my family has seen me get lost in a book and it definitely won’t be the last. This is something I am perfectly okay with.

Follow Your Passion

I find that I go through phases between reading fiction and non. Both offer tremendous value to me. Fiction becomes a little escape, like going to the movies…but in sweat pants with a cup of tea. Non-fiction fills me with inspiration to learn more, grow more, create more, dream more and who doesn’t want more of that?

Big Magic does not disappoint. Really, my brain is a little dizzy trying to decide what I want to say about this book because I really loved all of it.

But for the sake of keeping your attention, I will narrow my focus on one particular topic Elizabeth writes about, passion. More specifically why you should forget about passion and put your attention on curiosity instead. 

Following your passion is not anything we haven’t heard before. We are envious of people who know what their passion is and frustrated with ourselves for not having found ours.

We are stuck, forever waiting for some clarity to give us meaning and direction as to what our purpose is so we can then get on with it. I’ve been in this place and it’s no fun. 

Can I just say that Elizabeth’s perspective is so refreshing. And bang on too. It’s all about living a life you’re curious about. No need to know the big picture. No need to have the clouds part as the sun beams down on the big AHA moment of clarity. Nope.

All you need to do is what you’re already doing, or what you want to be doing if you just stop talking yourself out of it. Want to take a cooking class? Take it. Want to learn how to paint? Learn it. Want to escape and read a book about raising chickens? Read it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small. It doesn’t matter whether it’s related to anything resembling your life right now. If it’s something that interests you, something you are curious about, do it.

Trust your intuition. Trust that feeling of curiosity and interest. It will lead you, like breadcrumbs to what you are here to do.  

Elizabeth Gilbert Quote

Over the years I have felt a need to embrace simplicity in my life and this blog came about as a way to document my journey.

I became curious about making my own laundry soap so I did it. I became curious about learning how to garden without herbicides and pesticides so I took a permaculture course. I wanted to learn more about food as medicine so I took a herbal remedy class. I was curious about energy work as complimentary health care so I took a body talk course.

Each one of these decisions has added value to my life even though I didn’t have a set plan why I wanted to or if it would ever make me money to justify paying for it. I just did it.

I sat with the idea of starting this blog for a long time. I wrote ‘practice’ posts for a whole year before I had the guts to buy my domain name and set it up. It was an idea, a curiosity that didn’t go away. Something I felt I needed to do. I have yet to see what’s to come of this blog of mine. I don’t know the big picture. I’m just following my curiosity and trusting that my intuition knows better than I do.

I would love to hear your own breadcrumb stories and how your intuition has guided you along the way.  What’s holding your curiosity these days? 

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear from you!