Finding My Voice

As a kid I really thought being grown up meant you had it all figured out. I still remember the moment I realized that wasn’t the case. It suddenly hit me that junior high doesn’t end for some people. There are some unfortunate souls that get stuck there…oblivious to another way.

Finding My Voice

I was dumbstruck.

I knew for certain it wasn’t where I wanted to hang my hat.

So I tried to do better. I watched Oprah and I read books and I surrounded myself with people who aspired to do better, be better.

But here’s the thing. I still didn’t get it figured out. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has.

Most days I’m okay with this. Other days I would like some clarity. Today would be nice for clarity.

I’m in the middle of an Intentional Blogging course. Which is greatexcept when I don’t know the answers.

Like what is my writing voice? What do I sound like?


I try to be honest. I actually think it’s impossible for me not to be. I’m a terrible liar. Except when I’m drinking. My storytelling is quite impressive with a little vodka encouragement.

I might also say I’m humble. Can I say that about myself and have it be true? Humble has to be something other people say you are otherwise maybe I’m just full of myself thinking I’m so humble. Not sure about that one.

Witty. Maybe. Or at least I try to be. Whether or not I’m successful is another matter. I feel like I was better at witty before babies and the slow demise of my brain cells.

So is this what I sound like? Is this my writing voice?

The one non-negotiable in the course is to be yourself and finding your voice is a big part of that.

Easier to do if you already have that figured out.

But for people like me who are waiting on a little more clarity, the answer is to gauge by feeling. Feelings that fall under the umbrella of uncomfortable.

This means that your writing will feel scary and induce wonderful things like anxiety because you’re putting your ‘real’ self out there. And that’s not a comfortable thing to do.

Easier to live in the safety of conformity. But it’s an illusion. It’s actually very toxic to live there. There’s another way.

So please, call me out. Let me know if I’m getting it all wrong or maybe getting a few things right.

Because the world needs real.

Junior High doesn’t have to be the place we call home. It can just be an accidental detour we sometimes take. To the world consumed of all things not good for us. But let’s not stay there.

Let’s push for real, even if that feels scary and uncomfortable.

And if you’re finding yourself needing a little inspiration for real, I highly recommend reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. You can read my thoughts about it here. It’s on my list to read again I loved it so much.

I also recommend checking out Jeff Goins at for tons of helpful articles and courses about developing as a writer if that’s something you’re interested in.

And leave me a story!  I want to hear all about your detours…I’m sure I can relate!

Any thoughts? I'd love to hear from you!