About Me

I am addicted to all things home. I love it.  I daydream about floor plans and furniture placement. I love to garden, make herbal remedies and create beautiful spaces. As a kid, I spent hours upon hours creating little homes out of whatever I could find.

Now I’m ‘playing house’ for real with my husband and our three crazy lovable kids. We feel blessed to have purchased my grandparents home on an acreage in rural Alberta and have been busy making it our own ever since.

Which is another way of saying projects. Lots and lots of projects. It has become a personal journey of mine. Learning to create a home that honours the past while making room for the future. It’s a journey of growth, learning to let go and to simplify. It’s also one of connection and creating a space that reflects that.

You will find projects, recipes, mess-ups and confessions. There will be some rambling (my apologies) but there will also be some short and sweet bursts of (hopefully) wisdom.

Obviously I would love for you to stick around. But I realize your attention is a valuable thing.

So in return, my hope is to create a space for you to feel inspired. A space that makes you feel good.

Because I’m a believer in spending time with things and people who do that. Make us feel good. Feel inspired. And not so much time with the things that don’t.

I would love to keep in touch, let’s keep connected here.  Let me know what I can do for you!


And when I’m feeling a little reflective, I write about these kinds of things…