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Create More Than You Consume


Create more than you consume. My heart latched onto these words, recognizing the truth in their message and quickly becoming my why for doing what I do.


Create More Than You Consume - Artist Sketching

These words will change the world. A big statement I know, but follow me on this.


Words have the power to instantaneously change our mindset. Something as simple as a shift in perspective can change the world around us.


It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.


There is wisdom in the expression, I never thought of it that way before. A shift has taken place for that statement to be spoken.


So I ask that you sit with these words for a moment.


Create more than you consume.


Create meals. Create conversations. Create art. Create opportunities that connect you to the people and environment around you.


Because creating demands connection.


And isn’t this the game we came here to play? In this saturated culture we live in, with our attention pulled in every direction, too much emphasis on social media and the accomplishments of others while negating our own; it is more important than ever to focus on our own pursuits, to stay centered on the work we feel inspired to do.


Celebrate others, yes. But there’s a genuine feeling of admiration toward our peers when we can sit in fulfillment ourselves.


This is our call to action.


Create more than you consume.


And watch the world around you change.

Create More Than You Consume Quote - A Call To Action

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