Tell Your Story

"We all have a story. Messy, complicated, beautiful stories."

What Are We Really Made Of?

A herbalist teacher once told me to pay attention to the plants growing around me, they are often an indicator of the medicine I need.

Some years it’s the dandelions growing in abundance.  This year it’s clover.  My fascination with plant medicine has branched into a fascination with soil and the microbiome within it.  We can’t have healthy plants without a deep respect for the soil and life within it.

It just so happens humans have a similar relationship with our own microbiome, which interestingly outnumber our human cells tenfold.  Our bodies are more microbial than human.  There must be a reason we are designed this way.

The Broken Things

There was a good period of time the conversation among family members circled around the topic of a broken toaster, an old kitchen appliance belonging to my grandparents.  It’s funny the things we remember.

Slow Living & The Rise Of The Feminine

I’ve come to appreciate the contrast of things.  Things I don’t want versus things I do. The accolade of busyness contrasted with the rising embrace of slow living.

"Inspired by handcrafted art & the story it brings to a space."


I can’t remember the last time I bought dusting spray from a store, it’s so easy to make yourself.


I’m used to painting it old school but this chalk paint recipe won me over.  

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